Ethical Manufacturing 

TangoFit is committed to creating products that not only have the highest level of functionality, but also adhere to the highest standards of ethical manufacturing to create a positive impact on our employees, our customers and our environment.



TangoFit Environmental Responsibility

All of us here at TangoFit recognize our business has a direct impact on environmental resources.  Water, energy use, material waste, chemical management and animal welfare are all environmental impacts for which we shall be accountable.  All our manufacturing partners must have written environmental policies and standards in place and shall adhere to the local regulations around water use and impact and shall responsibly handle these situations with the highest level of integrity to preserve the environment.  Manufacturers are required to assign an authority or body to review best practices to ensure creative solutions are developed to ensure the safety of workers and the security of environmental resources. TangoFit seeks to partner with vendors that implement systems to minimize the negative impact of their operations on the environment.