Founder Spotlight 

Sitara Danishwar has always loved the fashion industry and knew she had to express her creativity through fashion design.  However, it wasn’t until after the birth of her third child she realized activewear was the project she wanted to pursue.  She became obsessed with the idea that activewear should provide more than just "wear" and wanted to redefine the norms of the industry to enhance the ever changes of a women's body.
Over the years, she poured her heart and dedication to think about the smallest details in fabric innovation and went through countless revisions to create the technology that exists today.   As important as it was to produce quality activewear, it was just as important to take every measure to be sustainable and considerate of the planet by using 100% recycled material. 
Sitara originally gave life to TangoFit to shape the lives of women but it has evolved today to serve men and women and elevate their lives through activewear.