Women's Pima Cotton T's

$79.00 USD

Much like coffee, cashmere or wine, the quality of cotton varies greatly.  Thanks to the ideal growing conditions, extra-long staple length and hand harvesting, Peruvian Pima cotton is the world's finest prized for its exceptional durability, softness and brilliant luster. 

*  Softer and more absorbent than other cottons.

*  Ideal growing conditions in coastal Peru create the best quality Pima cotton in the world

*  Peruvian Pima cotton is especially soft, durable , and highly resistant to pilling

*  Environmentally friendly hand-harvesting results in brilliant white fibers which dye beautifully and are free from scratchy impurities

*  Perfect for those who suffer from allergies or those with sensitive skin

*  Longer fiber than conventional cotton, which allows the production of a smooth fabric, softer to the touch, wrinkle-resistant, and ultra-durable.

*  longer life expectancy comparing to other cotton products. 

*  100% Premium Pima Cotton.

Color: Navey Blue